Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Matte Finish | No7 Stay Perfect Primer

Perhaps I'm a little bit behind the time on this one, but from magazines and websites to blogs and forums, Primers seem to be the latest beauty hype this Spring/Summer, and for sure they have worked there way up to the top of my beauty list. Recently I got my hands on the No7 Stay Perfect Shine Free Primer £12.50  in hope that it would provide me with the perfect matte canvas before applying my make-up. This year I'm trying to switch my make-up up a bit and although I'm a typical drugstore junkie that doesn't believe in spending a lot on beauty products, I've been carrying out extensive research into new brands and products to try. Primers are perfect for all skin types, but particularly good for those with oily skin. Whilst they create an all-over matte base to ensure a flawless finish they also eradicate any shine without blocking your pores, particularly areas that are prone to shine or get oily throughout the day such as your cheeks, t-zone or chin. This primer also contains watermelon and cucumber extracts to to help smooth and cool your skin. No7 also do a Colour Calming Primer Green £10.50 that soothes and corrects areas of redness and a Colour Calming Primer Lavender £10.50 for those with sallow complexions. I will post a full review in a couple of weeks and let you know how I got on with it. Also No 7 now offer an in-store match made service where they will endeavour to find the perfect foundation to match your complexion. This is ideal for anyone that has trouble finding the right shade foundation and trust me there are a hell of a lot of people out there wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I think this service is a great opportunity, even if you didn't buy the No7 foundation it could really assist you in your search amongst other brands and give you a better understanding of your skin and its needs. See more about the service here.

Do you use a Primer before you apply your make-up? What Primer do you use? Do you have any recommendations? Have you tried the No7 Match Made Service?

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